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How to fix a faulty laptop keyboard ?

I have dell inspiron laptop which keyboard is unresponsive when I try to press any key the result on the screen is null. I am very frustrating now because earlier some keys were not working and a technician in Dwarka replaced the full keyboard and told me that this problem will not come again.
Most Common issues in laptop keyboard :
1) How to fix a laptop water spill out keyboard
2) How to replace the laptop keyboard keys
3) How to fix a laptop keyboard using the software like driver Installation
4) Some Keys are not working
5) Unresponsive full keyboard

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There could many reasons for unresponsive keyboard. We will explain some common issues why this type of issues comes in keyboard. Dust is the big enemy of the laptop keyboard. If some debris comes inside the keyboard then many keys could be unresponsive. I would like to suggest you pls don’t eat any food related items near the laptop because it could harm your laptop keyboard.

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Non responsive laptop keyboard repair

We have much kind of issues in laptop keyboard but the most common issue is two or three keys are not responsive and in that case most of technicians suggest replacing the full keyboard.

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Water Spill out on laptop keyboard

If the whole keyboard is not working in that case this could be a reason of faulty keyboard drivers. We will reinstall the driver again and after that issue will be resolved.

Fix the laptop keyboard in reasonable price

If you need a long life service in affordable price than suraj Computers is the only one in delhi who provide the best service in very minimal price.

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