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Suraj computers provide the service in all types of the PC (Personal computers) like HP Computer Repair, Dell Computer Repair, HCL Computer Repair; we have the team of engineers which have good knowledge and qualification in Computer repairing. Suraj have computers has the very good infrastructure to do perform the job. We have the very good office in Dwarka sector-12 on the prime location of Dwarka. Our office is located the nearby the Dwarka sector-12 metro station and it is the center point of the Dwarka. We provide the services like Computer repairs, printer repair, cartage refilling, computer AMC etc

•  System Diagnosis
•  Virus and Spyware Removal
•  Operating System Restoral
•  Network Setup, Maintenance, and Repair
•  Hardware Installation, Repair, and Replacement
•  Data Transfer
•  Memory Upgrades
•  Performance Enhancements
•  Software Technical Support
•  Comprehensive Diagnostics
•  PC Tune-up & Optimization Service
•  Computer Training
•  Data Backup
•  Firewall Optimization
•  New Computer Setup
•  Networking Setup and Maintenance (including wireless)
•  Data Safety Consultation
•  Laptop System Installations
•  Operating System Upgrades
•  Internet Optimization
•  Custom Build Computers
•  In Home/Office Service Repair available

Computer Mother Board Repairing:

Motherboard: It is the very important path of the Computer and has the many problems inside this. Many times our engineer face the problem of the no display, blue screen is coming etc:

Some genuine problem in Computer computers:

  1. Display is not coming
  2. System is not booting properly
  3. Blue screen is coming
  4. Beep sound is coming
  5. Computer Fan is not working
  6. Hard disk is not working
  7. Ram section is not working properly
  8. Computer cable is not working
  9. Video & Audio card is not working
  10. DVD Writer is not working
  11. BIOS settings failure

Computer Mother Board Repairing:

motherboard repairing


We provide the service in the repairing of the SMPS. We have the full fledge diagnosis system in which we provide the component level tracing of the SMPS repairing. SMPS has the circuit with the combination of electronic components’. SMPS could be repaired by the special team engineers. SMPS is very important part in the Computer it provides the electricity current to the computer and converts the AC current to the DC Current. I is also very useful to prevent the system from the oscillation of the current which can impact on the motherboard of the computer..

RAM Repairing or Replacing:

Random access memory is used to store the random data which does washout when the system will be closed. RAM is used to give the high speed to the computer.RAM also works into display the data; if RAM is not properly assembled in computer it could be created the display problem. We have the good engineer’s team which can repair the RAM or Replace the same if it is not possible to repair.

Computer Fan Repairing:

Computer Fan play a very vital role in the computers, if provide the air to the CPU (Central Process Unit). CPU works like the heart of computer all the processing done by the CPU only. If computer fan is not working than CPU will be heated and this can be cause of the burn of the computer. Maintenance of the fan of the computer is very important task in the service of the computer. One day our engineer face one problem, a customer give call to us and ask that his computer is restating again and again, he has formatted the system but the problem did not resolve. Our engineer checked the complete system and found that the problem was not in motherboard of the computer but fan was jammed, he repaired the fan than system was working fine.



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