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A computer  network is a combination of computers which are connected each other electronically. This means these computer can connected each other and send a message to each other and talk with each other . Every computer which is in network can send data, files, mails to other computer. This means that these computer send information fastest to each other than a normal connection to the internet. There are some type of networks given below:      

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1. Local area network(LÄN) in this network Computers areconnected to each other by a network cable and it could be used for the small offices or in building like a Hotel, Hospital etc.
2. Wide area network

It is used for connect the computer in a wide range area and connect small internetwork also known as the internet.
Computer network could be multiple format it can be combination of computers in small building or in office.


Microsft windows operatingsystem or Linux useTCP/ iP for the computer networking. Apple macintosh now also using tcp/i2.
to setup a network a proper media is required to connect the computers such as wire networking
Wiereless networking.
Media could be Twisted pair , coaxial cable or fire optics wire are the example cable and infra red , Bluetooth,micro wave, radio wave are used in the wireless networking.
If are using the lan networking computer prepherals and media are required to connect the computers but when are you going to connect with WAN network you need somegateway router and some protocol like TCP/ IP network protocol.

Using the wide area network we can connect to whole world and send the data from one computer to the other computer using the bridge between two computers.     
Computer networking
Laptop networking
Printer networking

In computer: it could be connect by two type connect using the network cable anconnected  with wire less network. Using the wire networking data can send faster without the internet connection and these computer can be ping to each other using the ping command on the IP address it is showing reply than means we can data easily to each other computers.

To make the computer connected to each other first we need to configure IP address to each computer with the subset mask, after givethe address we can connect the computer to each other and we can also share the computer by which all systems can fetch the data from hard disk of another system.

How will we create the network cable:
How will share the computers
How will we check that computer are connected to each other
How will check network cable is ok
How will we configure IP address












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