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Suraj Computers is the best service provider in computer repairing & services located in Dwarka sector 12 near the Ayushman Hospital and Dwarka sector 12 metro station. Suraj Computers provide the computer services like Motherboard related issue, Windows Installation, Hard disk, Software updating and installation, Screen, Hard disk, CPU, Computer Fan, Power Supply, Printer, Cartridge, Antivirus,  RAM, UPS, Power Cable, Video, audio related issues. If you these type issues in your computer than don’t worry we are here. Our qualified engineer will give best support & service to remove this kind of problems. We provide the computer repair and services in Janakpuri,Vikaspuri delhi also.




A computer repairing technician is aa individual who maintenance, update and repairs computers and Computer servers. The technician's everyday jobs may extend to include repairing, chip level problems removing or configuring new hardware, installing and updating software correspondence, and creating and maintaining computer networks. Computer repair technicians work in a diversity of settings, encircling both the public and private sectors. Because of the comparatively brief existence of the occupation, institution offer diploma and degree programs intended to prepare new technicians, but computer repairs are frequently performed by experienced and specialized technicians who have little formal training in the field.A repair technician strength work in a commercial information technology subdivision, or a retail computer sales environment. A community sector technician might work in the armed, national security or law enforcement communities, physical condition or public safety ground, or an educational institution.



There are lots of problems in the Computer now days. There are some basic problems which could be resolved by you without any difficulties.

Suraj computers has launched the laptop repair service center across Delhi NCR areas like Delhi, Gurgaon,  Janakpuri, Vikaspuri, Uttam Nagar. Laptop Services of all branded laptop in Delhi has lots of thing to repair the laptop related problems like laptop windows installation, laptop is not booting properly, Antivirus is not installing in my dell laptop, Key board is not working, Laptop LCD screen is displaying, my laptop screen has been broken, Laptop Battery is not charging and not giving the backup, I have full charged my laptop battery but it is the giving back only 30 to 35 min, laptop charger is not working and  I am not able to charge the laptop battery, laptop hinges has been broken, laptop hinges repair or replacement, windows 8 installation in laptop, touchpad is not working in my HP laptop, wifi problem, when am I starting my laptop it is giving some beep sound and display is not coming What is the issue in my Dell laptop. Is this issue related to Laptop screen or laptop motherboard kindly suggest I have reinstall the RAM after clean my RAM but facing the same problem,  types of problem solved the Suraj computers. Our head office is located in Dwarka sector 12 near Ayusman Hospital Dwarka.
We have the authorized partnership with HP laptop repair Delhi, Gurgaon and provide the all models of the HP laptop, HP printers, HP scanner, HP Printer Cartridge, HP Inkjet Cartridge, LaserJet cartridge, toner and other type of services related to HP computers.
Laptop Repair and services in Dwarka
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Laptop Repair and services in Delhi NCR
Laptop Repair and services inJanakpuri
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Suraj computers provide the online laptop services in which we guide the customer on the phone by the services they have launched free online support in which our expertise engineers will take the client call and guide him to resolve the easily problem on his/her location. If the problem solves from the phone support that is ok but if the problem does not solve we will take the remote login of the customer laptop and will provide the support our engineers will guide you step by step and resolve the issue as soon as possible.
Desktop computer repair and service also provide by the suraj computer in which we provide the tech support for the desktop computer or PC computers. We provide the chip level repairing also in laptop repair service center, we have our own laptop chip level repairing lab in which we repair the laptop motherboard and PC computer motherboard. We have one branch named Suraj Computers Chip Level repairing Institute in which we give the training of chip level repairing of motherboard and mobile circuit.
We provide the course how to repair motherboard on chip level, after taking the training from our institute student earn huge money in laptop and mobile fields. We give the training of laptop and how will repair the LCD display of the laptop or LCD TV repairing training, Mobile display repair course.
Suraj computer institute is best known institute in Dwarka Delhi which provide the best training in hardware and networking fields, in hardware we provide the training of repairing the laptop, computer, printer and cartridge refilling with LCD screen repair. There are many problem facing by the customer now a days in which the display screen is not coming and not able to see any data on the laptop screen that is not problem of the laptop LCD screen but the problem in IC’s installed in the laptop motherboard. We provide the service in which we remove the virus from the laptop online we run our installed antivirus and without installing in the client machine we can remove the virus from the customer laptop or computer online.Suraj computers has the team of specialized engineers who provide the best repairing service in Notebook also like HP notebook, Dell  Notebook, Lenovo Notebook. Many companies have launched his notebook because they are very small in size than laptop very easy in carry and mostly people are demanding these notebooks only.
Suraj computers has created many videos and uploaded on the YouTube  website which make the users very easy to repair the most common problems on its own, these videos are related to how repair the laptop screen in Dell laptop, How install windows 8 in HP Pvalion laptop, How to replace the laptop keyboard, how to replace the laptop charger, How to replace the laptop battery, How to change the broken display screen in laptop, How to repair or replace the laptop hinges, these videos you can find in our websites also or you can find these video clip on the you tube website.
We have the best service provider in printer repair and cartridge refilling services also and we have created many videos related to cartridge refilling also.


Suraj computers has created laptop repair guide in which we have mentioned the 10 common laptop related problem and his resolution, users can read these guidelines and follow the same to resolve the top common problems yourself and could be saved huge amounts of the money, user can read the guidelines on our website or  on free of cost, in this guide sheet we have identified the  most common problem related to laptop filed and give the best solution by our team of specialized engineers who have the great experienced in the laptop repairing technology. They have given the solution of the problem related laptop computer which is very difficult and a small trick can solve the big problem.
We have the laptop repairing services center as different branch in which all technical qualified engineers sheet and they have the great experience with latest tools and technologies, we purchased all the new tools which play very important role to trace the fault in laptop motherboard and LCD TV motherboard. We have the latest laptop repairing tool kit which is very useful to open the laptop without any scratches on the new laptop when engineer is opening the laptop. We have the motherboard repairing guideline which follows all the engineers who are repairing the laptop according the brand. Every company has its own motherboard repairing guideline because the laptop motherboard has the different -2 sections which will totally different to the other company laptops.
We have team of engineers who repair the Toshiba laptops because it has some different type of sections in laptop.
Suraj computers deal in the new and old laptop also we provide all price of laptop according to configuration you can purchase the laptop on low and high prices. We have the authorized partner of the HP laptop so we will provide the all HP brand laptop on the company price rate and all the Compaq laptop on same rate. HP has launched the series of laptop with windows 8 which are very popular so please come near our office located in Dwarka sector 12 New Delhi and purchase the HP & Compaq brands laptop on very chief rate. We have provided the laptop buying guideline on which we have described that how will we purchase the best configure laptop on the genuine price so please download this guideline and estimate your laptop price with yourself only. This guideline will help you to find the right laptop for you at free of cost.
This guideline will provide the all branded laptop price like Lenovo, HP, Dell,Acer, Apple, Microsoft, Toshiba, and Asus laptops.
We provide the accessories of the laptop like laptop batteries and laptop adaptor on the lowest price.
Dell PA-10 AC Adapter (19.5 V DC For Notebook)
HP Diehard Die 120-Watt Ultra-slim Travel Inverter with Built
10753 90 WHr 9-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery for Select Dell inspire laptop models


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Business users have superiorrequirements in a laptop: craggy design geographies to survive lots of travel, manageability topographies, lots of connectivity options, and an importance on typing and pointing ease over uncooked horsepower. These are Suraj computers top-rated laptops for business.

No display error:

This is common problem in computer and could be come due to the monitor is not on computer in sleep mode or that could be any hardware issue.
We should check first that monitor is on or not, if monitor is not on kindly on the monitor, if monitor is on and display is not coming that could be reason of the hardware problem, like motherboard issue, SMPS problem and current is not supplying in the computer than you need to call our engineer, he will come near on a single a call or you can visit us on our Dwarka sector 12 office. Motherboard is important part of the computer and all the functionality performed.
We should also check the connection of pins from the monitor to CPU. You have not inserted pin in right way that could be the problem of the display.



Test for hardware failures in computer


Hard Disk Is not detecting

Hard disk is not detected in my computer than how will I recover the data from the disk that is main problem now days mostly user are facing.  The bios are not detecting or recognize the SATA hard disk and also second hard disk is also not detected.

As you have mentioned that this is computer desktop machine in which hard disk is not detected i am providing some stepsthat will be very useful to resolve the issue.

1. Disconnect the power cable from the desktop computer

2. Press and hold the power button to 20 seconds by which residual power will be removed.

3. Open the cover of computer

4. remove the hard disk first and connect again after clean the pins check if the computer is booting or not if computer is booting than problem has fixed other than follow the below step:

5. Connect the hard disk to other port which is available in the motherboard if the hard disk is not detecting go for the next step

6. We need to check the SATA cable is SATA cable ok or not and try with the other sata cable if issue does not resolved than follow the next process

7. in the next and final step we can check the hard in other computer if it is not working than it is the problem in hard disk and need the specialist engineer or call us on 8826073373 or visit us : Dwarka office


Hard disk detected but not opening because of the virus corrupt the files in bed sector, hard drive not detected, external hard disk not detected in my computer, western digital hard disk not detected,sata hard disk not detected in bios, external hard disk not detected, hard disk not detected in bios. If the Hard Drive works fine in another computer, the motherboard is bad and needs replacement. If the Hard Drive is not detected in another computer also, you need to replace the Hard Drive.

Note: The steps above require you to reseat the components by removing the system cover/taking apart the chassis. Please perform these steps only if you are comfortable else seek a technician's help. Also, refer to the Service Manual for accurate steps and safety instructions.








Computer Memory (RAM) randome access mamory Problem:

Computer shop

Beep Sound is coming when On the computer


SMPS Related Issue


This error comes when the system fully crash that could become due to the windows crash or due to motherboard problem. The writing on the Blue Screen of Death may shows any files elaborate in the crash including any drivers that may have been at culpability and often a short, usually mysterious, explanation of what to do about the problem.
For Resolution this problem first we will try install the windows operation system if windows is not installing and giving the same error than we need to check the hard disk of the computer. If there is any issue in the hard disk it will not allow to install the windows operation system and your will not make the bootable using the CD. Hard disk has the big problem when bed sector comes in drive that could the cause due to virus corrupt some important files and change the hardware settings.



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